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The Intruder

November 12, 2016

Drizzle slides across the misty windows,
I, the silent observer, watch their play;
The sun has took a day off,
The train is also travelling light
With people shut at their homes.
It is a perfect day for me
As well as my inner life.

The moments are pretty good
Until an intruder invades my space;
A lean girl at her 20’s
With thick eyebrows
Sits opposite to me.
The sunbathing soul
Gets hit by a tornado.

She seems a silent observer too
Unlike me, her eyes emote differently.
It is frowning,
And I could see it;
Though the situation is as beautiful as she is.
She is unhappy;
For the reason I couldn’t ask,
She won’t answer to a stranger like me.

That lonely girl by the window side,
Takes my smile.
That lonely girl
Makes me sad.

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